Canoa Quebrada / CE



.. Just below the equator, this Brazilian coast partedo knows no winter, the cold or bad weather. Only few rains during the few months of the year bless the coconut trees of magnificent beaches and lagoons that surprise us between huge sand dunes. During the rest of the year, the sky glows with a blue invejávele his people smiled with the satisfaction of those who know live in a small paradise.

Canoa Quebrada is.. This former fishing village in the municipality of Aracaty, was discovered in the mid-70s by a group of hippies quese passion for hospitality with which it was received by the natives who inhabited this scenario defilme apenas 175 km south of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará.
Hojeas biggest attractions to enjoy the sun Canoa Quebrada are buggy rides through the dunes and along the beach and the calm waters of this mergulhonas Marde an almost blue green color.

Reserve a day to sail on rafts and one for horseback riding in praia. Forget time, let the wind guide you through the almost deserted dunes.  The more adventurous may enjoy a ‘kite’, capoeira or paragliding.

When the sun begins to set, run the dunes sunset where you assistiráa one of the most beautiful spectacles in northeastern Brazil. They say that couples in love watching the sunset of Canoa, always end up getting married!

After all this energy SPA, catch your breath to face the night of Canoa Quebrada..


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