Morro de Sao Paulo / Br


Morro de São Paulo 

A village with no cars, an island where there are no banks and no worries. A place with an intense nightlife and paradisaical beaches. You will find that in Morro de Sao Paulo, located in the Tinharé island, just about 60 kilometers south of Salvador, Bahia. To get there you must travel 2 hours by catamaran boat or take an air-taxi, a small plane with capacity for about 6 people.

Some of the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo are named due to their order in the coast. The First Beach is very close to the village and become very popular between the villagers. The Second Beach is all about partying. There are people playing capoeira, frescobol and soccer during the day and having party all night long. In the Third Beach you can take a boat to visit neighbor islands. The Fourth Beach is very peaceful, quite like the Gamboa Beach. It is also surrounded by ecological paradises: Praia do Encanto, Garapuá, and the neighbor island of Boipeba.

Only sixty kilometers south of Salvador, Morro de Sao Paulo is today one of the most desired tropical destinations in the world. One of Brazil’s oldest colonies, it still has clean sand, warm water, Atlantic rainforest as well as mangroves and countless virtually deserted beaches. It’s a perfect place to hide from it all and enjoy a well-deserved rest, far from the stress of large cities.
Morro de Sao Paulo is also a place of cultural heritage, fresh coconut water, caipirinha drinks and the spicy and contagious Brazilian music. Night-time is party time, every night is Saturday night! But without intruding on those who wish to rest quietly, away from noisy excitement.
Even away from the beaches, get ready for adventure and life close to Nature.
All this blends perfectly in this unique island… When walking through the narrow village streets, you may hear an array of different languages: from English to German, as well as several regional Brazilian accents.
The circle of Capoeira, Brazilian music, delicious sea food spiced on a Bahia-style… everything in Morro is exquisite.
Long deserted beaches, exuberant diverse flora, forests with many different bird species, small monkeys, mangrove with navigable channels, natural sea pools, coral reefs and hills with spectacular views. All this in an island that minds its own future: sewage is channeled and treated, which assures clean, safe beaches throughout the year.

The beaches are numbered from the village onward: the First is good for surfing, the Second for partying and the Third has some nice natural pools. At Fourth Beach and Praia do Encanto (Enchantment Beach) you can enjoy the peace and quiet along its several kilometers of a virtually deserted shoreline.
So on your next vacation, choose Morro de Sao Paulo to be your paradise, and don’t forget to wish for magic and unforgettable moments in this beautiful island!