Ubatuba – SP




It is located on the north coast of São Paulo – SP. It limits the north with the historic city of Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro, and south Caraguatatuba (SP).

Ubatuba has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, with the combination of mountains, tropical forest and beach. Being farthest from São Paulo and Rio that other equally beautiful beaches of the coast, also has the advantage of having less with the massive presence of tourists, especially outside the high season.

How to Get?

When we choose as our destination Ubatuba, the first thing to decide is how we get on. To access the city can do so by land, by air or by boat.

If we want to arrive by plane, we find that the airport receives Ubatuba just small-sized aircraft, which only serves to flights of air taxi or helicopter. If we come from abroad, we descend to the International Congonhas Airport in São Paulo, the state capital and then addressing ground transportation to get to Ubatuba.

Air taxis operate with departures from Congonhas Airport to Airport Ubatuba. The helicopters operate with departures from the Campo de Marte Airport Congonjas to Ubatuba, with a journey time of two hours.

If we want to reach by car, we will enter the city through the BR-101. If we left San Pablo, we took the route of Workers (Ayrton Senna), following the path Carvalho Pinto, descend to the mountains by the route of the Tamoios. Departing from Rio de Janeiro can be reached by the BR-101, or by the Presidente Dutra road and down the mountain by the SP-099 or SP-125.

Bus we can address some of the companies that reach Ubatuba, as useful, which runs between Rio de Janeiro and Ubatuba. We also have companies: Normandy, Reunidas, Litorânea and São José, with departures from San Pablo (distant 240km) and Rio de Janeiro (310km distant).


Ubatuba receives half a million tourists in the high season, which runs between April and May and reach its shores attracted by the beauty of its beaches, mountains and hills that promote adventure tourism. Also very attractive and stimulating walk the paths that cross the Atlantic Forest. For lovers of outdoor sports, trekking, mountain biking and surfing are some of the options offered in Ubatuba season.

Due to its geographical location it has no distinct seasons, annual average temperatures ranging between 10 ° C and 28 ° C. With temperatures ranging from 10 ° C to 18 ° C, while the maximum range between 21ºC and 28ºC.


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