Jericoacoara is an amazing beach with thousands of tourists every year looking for fun and natural attractions.
Between the many night options, there is a “boteco” loved by the local people that spend the night but first of all by the turists that likes a cool and very frequented place, by the young people as well, it doesn’t make any distinction of age, sex, religion or color. That is Zchopp, commanded by the Zchopp´s Family who serve customers, goes to the tables, stays behind the bar, chat with the people, without any dub receptivity score 10.
Which is the secret of been one of the most loved bar’s of Jeri? The answer is easy! -two periods of LIVE music every night, with bands and solo’s, and be sure all the artists are all only bests, the home-made beer “choppinho” very cool and well done from the “Lupus Beer” beer-house and the frequency of people interested on having lot of fun. Plus, of course, the great dishes, home made pizzas and well done finger-food. It is open every night starting 6pm to make Jericoacoara even happier.


(88)9613-3945 – On the central square of Jericoacoara.



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