The best tour of Cozumel “El Cielo”. Include food and water!

We take you to navigate the coast of Cozumel aboard a Catamaran sailboat designed to enjoy snorkeling in the turquoise waters and in the two most important reefs in the Caribbean: El Cielo and Palancar.

Finally have fun away from the crowds in a private beach club with comfortable rest areas, water games and when returning on the catamaran enjoy a beautiful sunset.

A refreshing adventure!

About for Cozumel Reefs

Cozumel is home to the second most important barrier reef in the world. It has an approximate extension of 12000 hectares, to the south and southwest of the island. These reefs are formed by millions of polyps, of which are divided into soft corals and hard corals.

A great variety of Marine species live there, such as turtles, parrotfish sergeants, angelfish, manta rays, lobsters, moray eels, among others.

Among the most visited reefs are:

  • + Palancar
  • + Colombia
  • + Maracaibo
  • + Santa Rosa

Includes Tour:  – Insurance. – Snorkel Equipment. – New Snorkel Tube. – 4 hours. – Bottle of Water. – Sodas. – Beers

Sanitization Boat: Appropriate sanitization and monitoring protocols are carried out to protect tourists and crew members.

Recommended to take to the tour: – Cap or hat. – Protective lycra. – Towel. – Sunglasses

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