Maragogi / AL


Maragogi, Alagoas.

Located at the Costa dos Corais, an area of environmental protection of IBAMA that involves around 120km of the coast of the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The beaches of Maragogi are known for their coral barriers, located a few miles from the coast. The attractions can be observed during the rides to the natural pools, formed during the low tide.

Because of its quietness, color and temperature of the water, the sea of Maragogi is frequently compared to the sea of the best beaches in Central America, which makes the region known as the Brazilian Caribbean Islands. A touristic destination ideal for families who wish to enjoy the vacation with children, connected to the nature.


With a sea of clean and warm waters that form the natural pools, the region is known as the Brazilian Caribbean Islands.


How to Arrive?

125km from the airports of Recife (PE) and Maceió (AL)

Maragogi is exactly halfway between Recife (PE) and Maceió (AL). From the airports of both cities, a trip that takes about 2 hours.

It is highly recommended to use a transfer service. Besides the convenience and safety, this option reduces the risks of coming on your own to the minimum, avoiding troubles with the highway or bad signage. It is possible to hire this service through our booking central  Click HERE!!

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