Maresias / SP


Maresias is the liveliest of all the coast of São Paulo beach. Young people flock to it in droves to look palmetto. Holding a surfboard during the day, nightlife after dark.

Maresias Beach occupies a long straight stretch of sand between the mountains and the sea. Water has a beautiful deep blue-green color. The population is very urbanized but almost no tall buildings.

It is a beach with strong waves, making it ideal for surfing, and little suitable for bathing small children. Moreover, this is what Brazilians call tombo beach, aquela having a great inclination and where the water covers you within a few meters of entering into the sea. There are several plaques on the beach warning of the risk of drowning, and fire boat patrol the beach constantly since most of the population ignores warning plates.

 .. Maresias is the right place for young people who want to have fun during the day and at night. But it can be also used by couples, it is a nice beach, and a base for exploring the rest of the region. As in the case of Juquehy, Maresias prices are more expensive than elsewhere in Brazil, especially in regard to accommodation and food. It should be noted also that the beaches and roads in the area are usually crowded during the summer, bridges, and many weekends.


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