Porto de Galinhas / PE


Porto de Galinhas !

Imagine kilometers and kilometers of white sand, natural pools and warm profuse marine life from corals. Imagine this wild aquarium is surrounded by large sophisticated resorts and inns among the palms, with amazing sea food, thousands of recreational activities and some historical legacies, only to complete the charm. And all in an environment of absolute relaxation, ideal for family vacations. That paradise exists, and is called Porto de Galinhas.

Spa beaches are the star of tourism in Pernambuco and one of the best representatives of the tropical coast of Brazil. This temple of nature is just 60 kilometers from Recife, the state capital. Since its extreme north to the mouth of the Rio Macaripe south, Porto de Galinhas and its surroundings have several heart-stopping beaches that are a must when traveling in the northeast. We invite you to discover them.

The weather

In contrast to other beaches in the country, here the water is not cold. Porto Galinhas visitors enjoy the beaches and natural pools, in calm water, transparent and warm, averaging 26 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Daily brief and sporadic rains fall, but its low intensity fail to disturb vacationers. The beach is used from very early, because at 17 hours and begins to darken.